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Payment for orders on instocks items

The payment method will be as follows:

  1. Email us at for your orders.
  2. We will email back to indicate the amount to pay, which acct to send to and which of your orders have already been sold.
  3. Make payment within 48 hours or we’ll release the items back on sale again.
  4. Email us again with a picture of the receipt, your name & contact number to confirm your orders.

Help Japan!

Hi all~ As planned, we’ve got instocks items for sale to raise funds for Japan. Do help as much as you can as we admins are doing our best for them as well. We hope you’ll support us & Japan! ^-^ [Oh! I apologise for the bad quality pictures, took them as I do my practical in school today. =P]

Super Junior Bonamana Photocards

Leetuek - Quantity 1  Price $4

Leetuek - Quantity 1   Price $4  - Sold

Sungmin 1 - Quantity 9  Price $4  - Left 8

Sungmin 2 - Quantity 1  Price $4  - SOLD

Shindong 1 - Quantity 1  Price $4

Shindong 2 - Quantity 9  Price $4

Siwon - Quantity 10  Price $4

Eunhyuk - Quantity 2  Price $4  - Left 1, PENDING 1

Donghae 1 - Quantity 1  Price $4  - SOLD

Donghae 2 - Quantity 1  Price $4  - SOLD

Ryeowook 1 - Quantity 2  Price $4  - Left 1

Ryeowook - Quantity 8  price $4  - Left 7, PENDING 1

*ALL photocard earnings goes to Red Cross Society*

TVQX “Keep Your Head Down” Special Edition With Poster - Quantity 3  Price $30

IU “Real Plus” Album Without Poster - Quantity 1  Price $20

*$3 of each album sold will be contributed into the Red Cross Society Donation*

[Update on 070411 12.57PM]

[Update on 110411 11.21PM]

[Gathering] 1st gathering!!!

Hey all!

We’re having our 1st gathering on the 8th Jan!

We’ll be playing some games, chit chat & do the projects for our boys together!!

Here are the details:

Date: 8th Jan, Saturday

Time: 1PM

Venue: NYP, nearest mrt is Yio Chu Kang

We really wish you can come & join us for this gathering & have fun!!

Do contact us at our twitter (@SMBalladSG) or sms Joan @ 81573324 if you’re coming!! ^-^ 

P.S Please don’t spam call our admin yea?? 

[I counted this as 1st gathering because none turned up for the one of the 1st. =))] 

[Recruit] Looking for 2 Admins!!

Hey dearies~

We’re looking for 2 more admins to help us with our twitter acct while the rest of us gets busy with our personal stuff.

If you’re interested, do read the following!!

Send us an email to with the following: 

  • Name:
  • Twitter User:
  • Age:
  • Country:
  • Number of hours spent online a day:
  • Available during weekends?  Y/N
  • Are you an admin of other twitter acct? Y/N
  • Tell us who/what caught your attention to SM The Ballad: 

Term & Conditions:

  1. Age 15 & above.
  2. Singaporean (We’re a Singapore based fanclub. ^-^)
  3. Friendly & willing to be online to chat with the fans.

[Deadline: 5th Jan 2011]

That’s it!

Do send us your email if you’re interested!! ^-^

[Gathering] Very First SMBalladSG gathering!!! - Updated on 31st Dec

We’re meeting up with you girls!!! *finally*

2 meet-ups sessions with us, to know all of you better & to do the projects together~

Dates: 1st Jan 2011 & 8th Jan 2011, Saturdays

Time: 11.30am (1st Jan) & 1pm (8th Jan)

Meet-up venue: Eunos MRT Station

Gathering venue: Admin Vampy(Audrey)’s house area near East Coast Park

Reason why we’re holding it at admin Vampy(Audrey)’s house is because her house area has almost everything, Popular, food stores, shopping malls, etc…

We’ll meet you girls at Eunos MRT Station at the stated time and go over to admin Vampy(Audrey)’s house together. 

Please join us if you can, it’s like a small gathering & to do something for our idols. =DD

Do contact us at 81573324(Joan) or 91903776(Audrey) if you’re coming to join us!

P.S Don’t spam call us yea. ^-^ 

[Donation] Donations for projects!!

Hey dearies~

For the “100 Days of debut” & “Kyuhyun’s birthday” projects…

It’ll only be possible with the help of you guys..

We need donations..

If you would like to donate, please email us at using the format:


Contact Number:

Email add:

Amount you wish to donate: Method of donating: POSB bank transfer/iBanking/meet-up/postage(at your own risk)

No minimum amount, donate whatever you can, even five cents are help.

These projects & donations are open for everyone, overseas fans are welcome. =DD


Admin Wofly~~

[Projects] Kyuhyun’s birthday - Updated 24/12/10

Hey dearies~

2nd project with us. ^-^

This is for Kyuhyun’s birthday in early Feb.

This is what we’re gonna do:

(1) Buy him a pillow. (no, you didn’t read it wrongly, pillow. ^-^) 

  • we’re trying to source for hug-able sized pillow.
  • you can help by finding some and maybe take a picture of it, price & location.
  • send it to us at
  • subject title will be “[Project] Kyuhyun’s Birthday”.

We’ve found the neck pillow with massaging effects!

(2) Message Boards.

  • instead of doing a book, we’re going to do boards a booklet.
  • so send in your personal messages (40words limit) to us and we’ll put everything onto the boards booklet & fly them to Kyuhyun. 
  • send in your messages to
  • subject title will be “[Project] Kyuhyun’s Birthday”.

Please send in your messages by 6th Jan 2011, 6PM SGT

    Just like the 100 Days of Debut project, we need donations as well.

    Do help us make these projects possible.

    Overseas fans are welcome as well!! 

    Email us for more details or if you’re interested. ^-^ 


    Admin Wolfy~ 

    [Projects] 100 Days of Debut - Updated on 24/12/10

    Hey dearies!

    Details for the 100 Days of Debut project are finally out! =DD

    This is what we plan to do:

    (1) 4 individual photobooks

    • 100days for each book^
    • we need at least 25 people to do this, the more the merrier of course.
    • take a photo of you with a fanboard, or anything you want to show the boys.
    • write a message (40words limit) together with it.
    • lastly, send it to us at
    • insert the subject as “[Project] 100 Days of Debut”.
    • we’ll fill you in with more details once we receive your email.

    No more photobooks! (to cut down on the cost.. hehe. =P)

    • Boards with calendar designs (From Nov-Mar, one board each month)
    • Write a message (20words limit) + photos (anything under the sun)
    • Send it in to
    • Subject title is “[Project] 100 Days of Debut]”
    • Please send in your messages by 6th Jan 2011, 6PM SGT

    (2) Each individual member’s t-shirt

    • we’ll have 4 designs, 1 each for the members.
    • we’ll be printing them out and give them to the boys.
    • the designs are not out yet, but we’re trying our best to get it out asap.
    • this might turn out to be our club tee as well. ^-^

    We won’t be printing t-shirts for now.

    We’re saving them for further projects. ^-^

    So…. *excited*

    We need your help dearies..

    Not just whatever we wrote on the above, but for donations as well. 

    Do donate whatever you can to help us here yea??

    For overseas fans, if you want to join us in the project, you’re most welcome to! 

    Lastly, please email us at if you’re interested!!!! ^-^


    Admin Wolfy~

    [NEWS] 101203 SM The Ballad, TRAX’s Jay missing and only 3 members on stage… why?

    [NEWS] 101203 SM The Ballad, TRAX’s Jay missing and only 3 members on stage… why?

    SM The Ballad has stood on stage as 3 members without member. TRAX’s Jay which brought up curiosity.

    TRAX’s Jay, Super Junior’s Kyuhyun, SHINee’s Jonghyun, rookie JINO who are from SM Entertainment’s SM The Ballad have revealed their title song ‘Miss You’ through the live broadcast of KBS2 ‘Music Bank’ at 3pm. 

    On this days stage, Kyuhyun, Jonghyun and JINO have raised fascination through their sad song with a lovely melody and their soft voices. But, curiosity has risen when only 3 members have stood on stage without member Jay. 

    SM Entertainment have stated that Jay couldn’t make it together on stage because he got recently casted for hr KBS2 drama ‘President’ and was recording. 

    The title song ‘Miss You’ is a sad ballad song which is about a man expressing his pitifulness about not being able to get his lover. 

    We could feel the sadness of the song with a foreign intro atmosphere and a refines rhythm, sad melody, and acoustic sound. As we head the later parts, we can feel the sadness even more. 

    Meanwhile, TRAX’s Jay will be the role of the young son called ‘Yoo Min Ki’ of Jang Il Joon (Played by Choi Soo Jung) who challenges to prerogatives. 

    Source: Yahoo News
    Translations: sundaymadness @ SMTBIF

    *Credits to S.M. The Ballad 1st International Forum


    Hi guys~

    We’re intending to do a project for SMTB’s 100 Days of debut.. ^-^

    We need suggestions~

    So please do give us comments/suggestions. ^-^

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